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Dip Powder Starter Kit

The last starter kit you will ever need to buy. Includes all the best tools and materials I wish I had been introduced to as a beginner.

Starter kit options:

PLEASE NOTE: Please either add a note at checkout, message our Dip-o-Mania Facebook page, or email us at indicating your top 3 favorite colors to wear. The Dipomania staff will choose 2 .25 oz dip powders based on your favorites that we recommend as a being beginner level, easy to work with dip. One solid/shimmer and one fine glitter is fairly standard for these picks. If no note is added at checkout, we will select dips in colors of our choosing. 

Dip Liquids Starter Kit - Dipomania FAN FAVE! Customers rave about the quality, medium to fast base dry time and fast top dry time, top coat shine, ease of use and how forgiving our liquids are overall (i.e. difficult to contaminate.) Dip Base, activator and dip top coat.

Odorless Dip Liquids Starter Kit - our signature Odorless Dip Base and Top coat, along with a bottle of Activator. (Note: this is regular dip activator and is not odorless, however the fume of ours is very mild. The chemical that most commonly causes reactions known as "dip flu" is only found in the dip base and top coat glues, not the activator.) 

Gel Liquids Starter Kit - Base Coat & Top Coat gel liquids included. Activator is not needed for gel application. You will instead need a UV/LED lamp (48 Watts or higher, NOT INCLUDED) in order to cure the gel polish. It is highly recommended that you follow all safety precautions and wear protective fingerless gloves to protect against excessive UV exposure.

👉 It is important to note that gel sensitivities can develop from prolonged contact on the skin. If you get any on your skin, wipe it off immediately and thoroughly with an alcohol wipe and wash hands/affected area as soon as you are able to avoid any adverse reactions and skin irritation. Dipomania's gel liquids are HEMA free but other commonly used ingredients may also irritate the skin so its always best to be on the safe side or review ingredients if you have any know allergies and/or do a small patch test to be sure. 


Included in each kit:

Roomy vinyl zipper storage pouch in varying metallic colors chosen at random.

One .25 oz jar of Zero (Dipomania's clear)

Two .25 oz jars of dip powder (chosen by us based on your favorite colors that you send to us)

Dipomania branded 100/180 grit nail file

Glass cuticle pusher 

Dipomania "Not Another Nail Nail Art Tool" (exclusive purple/green color for starter kits only precision tool and gem wax picker)

Dipomania silicone nail mat

Nail Art dust brush

Sample of SkinSanity by DOM Cuticle Elixir in signature scent Sploosh

👉 Instructions for the application processes for both gel and dip liquids can be found from the main menu on the home page. 

📃Please see dedicated product listings for the liquid sets for more detailed product info and ingredients.

StyleOdorless Dip Liquids Starter Kit

Dip Powder Starter Kit



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